About Us

Welcome to Chai Design 
A unique boutique of handmade gifts and goodies!
My name is Marissa,
owner and crafting mastermind
for all things handmade

 A store is born


There’s a saying by author Rachel Wolchin that reads “my entire life can be described in one sentence – it didn’t go as planned.”

In my case, I can boldly say that this quote holds true – and in the best way possible. Never in my childhood fantasies or collegial studies in social work did I imagine that my future would be filled with boutique crafts...and with a Rabbi as a husband!

But that’s the beautiful thing about life, it is always full of fun surprises.

In a tale fit for storybooks, my husband and I met at a joint graduation party our younger brothers (who happen to be the best of friends). For both of us, it took merely moments for fireworks to ignite. It was that moment in time where I distinctly saw my destiny, and he was the star of it.

But what came along with my husband was his career as a Rabbi. Though I was raised Jewish, this required a quick dusting off of the old teachings, as well as a crash course in traditional Jewish weddings, customs and traditions.

As we began planning our wedding, I realized that all of the “cookie cutter” cultural template items fell short of my vision for a perfect wedding. There was a major lack of custom cultural and Jewish items out there!

Always the industrialist, I knew that if I had the tools and equipment I could translate my vision into reality, and that is just what I did. 

I customized and created nearly everything in my own wedding... including the save- the- dates, invitations, programs; menu cards,  guest board, glass seating chart, table numbers, bridesmaids; groomsmen gifts, cupcake holders, Ketubah (Jewish Marriage document), and Chuppah (Jewish Wedding Canopy). 

And thus, after receiving compliment after compliment on my own affair and recognizing that I am not alone in my wish for a custom, budget-conscious wedding, the idea for Chai Design was born.

Chai, pronounced “Hi!”
means “Life” in Hebrew!

In the Jewish culture, Chai represents the gift of life, or luck. The numerical values assigned to the Hebrew letters in “Chai” add up to the number 18, which is incorporated into our logo. When monetary gifts are given for simchas (joyous celebrations of all sorts),  it is traditionally given in multiples of 18 to bring forth that luck.  




A wish for our customers.

Our wish is to help you create magical, firework filled moments... simchas... no matter the size. Making high-quality, custom, and budget friendly gifts and goodies that are a direct reflection of you is our goal.

From traditional wedding needs, to Judaica items, personalized stationery and boutique goods (and more), Chai Design will help you break away from the cookie cutter mold and allow your special celebrations to be uniquely you!






 Designs For Life.